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Rap Battle 3

Posted by: total-jerkface, 2015-09-18, 07:36

After taking part in a rap competition in the previous version, Rap Battle 3 is finally here. Grab a chance to explore this brand new version in Happy Wheels right now! Rap Battle 3 is another featured level created by Sachamum. Because it has just been released in a recent period, the number of plays was quite lower than the former version. Currently, the game reaches over 1,700,000 plays, and from over 2,000 votes, its rating is 4.03. Exploring this version will give you a second chance to meet our Lawnmower Man one more time! Let’s welcome our forced character now! Rap Battle 3 GameplayWhen a beat begins to play, you will see the title of the level, followed by the text saying that the player is supposed to rap the words appearing on the screen. Next, a cool dancing performance will be presented by Lawnmower Man. During the song, lyrics will appear with a marker below, and the chorus will utilize multiple character moans. Once accomplishing the song, the player will conquer the level. However, a very few of people learn that this is just a rap relating to preventing fake glitch levels. Trivia Your accomplishing time will be 109.53 seconds. This is the second version released right after Rap Battle 2 that is also featured. The original Rap Battle is not featured here

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