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Rap Battle 2

Posted by: total-jerkface, 2015-09-18, 08:42

Explore brand new level in Total Jerkface Happy Wheels right now! This level is featured by Sachamun, and it consists of various discrepant challenges that can stimulate the gaming inspiration of the players. As we know, Happy Wheels is a bloody physics-based vehicle game including a long race full of deadly impediments and traps. Hence, you will experience multiple gory and dreadful scenes. Since the game has so many levels, Rap Battle 2 will give you challenges that are different from other previous levels. The level now has reached over 4, 300, 000 plays, from over 1,300 votes, its rating now is 4.05, which is kind of high. In this level, you will say hello to Lawnmower Man, he is the forced character. Let’s check it out!

Rap Battle 2 Gameplay

You can begin the level and explore an introduction showing the level name and the creator. On the record player, there is the needle that can touch the record. And then, the music beat (with sound effects) will commence playing. You are given a cute name, called “Jackson Blade” and the Pogostick Man – who is your rival – will be called “Pogo Diddly”

Your mission in this version is to release all of "speech blocks" to the dancing audience while music is playing prior to "Pogo Diddly" completes his mission in throwing all his speech blocks to the crowd. Each speech block will release once you are done utilizing the former speech block. The one who throws all of the speech blocks to the crowd first will be the winner of this rap competition. The loser will be detonated by a landmine. So be careful and try your best to win this competition. If you win, you will end the level successfully. 

If you intend to run away from your required rapping location and stage dive, you will see a text saying "NO STAGE DIVING ALLOWED SUCKA!"
If a speech block or other things hits the fist of effective Shopper and Moped Guy, they will put a stop to dance or fist pumping.

There is a prequel appearing in this level, it’s called Rap Battle, but the gameplay is different from the one that you have seen on Rap Battle 2. It won’t contain any various plays if it is not featured, but it still gets a higher rating than the sequel. The creator also features another sequel called Rap Battle 3. 

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