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lObst. Coursel

Posted by: total-jerkface, 2015-09-18, 08:23

The new featured level in Total Jerkface Happy Wheels is finally released! lObst. Coursel is created by Mean Person and offer another character named Irresponsible Dad. At the moment, this level is extremely great when it reaches over 35,000,000 plays. From 91,000 votes in total, its rating is currently 4.35. Such a high rating, right? The game also has Demo version; you can try if you want. So many challenges in this level are waiting for you ahead. Let’s check it out! lObst. Coursel Gameplay

When you start your level, you will see a messaging saying “Welcome Your goal is to...SURVIVE” in the circle. Initially, you will encounter several rotating triangles with a spike above them. Try to get over all of them, and explore a so-called “Epic Jump” along with a Wheelchair Guy NPC, who is trying to cling on a rectangle shape for his life. Try to keep your character safe, if you miss and move down a hole, you will touch the spikes and landmines, as a consequence, you will get detonated for sure. When you fall into the bottom of the pit, you will the text saying "OH CRA-" indicating you failed.

Moving on, you will confront with three chompers that probably annihilate you, and a rotating axe along with a several diminutive circles and triangles which take actions just like a domino effect with a ruining ball on the top and an arrow gun. Then, you will witness another text on unbreakable glass panel saying “BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL HERE ;D”. don’t destroy the glass and drop if you don’t want to touch on spikes. Next, you will see that there are a ramp and a harpoon gun along with lots of mines surrounding it. You will be targeted by the harpoon gun. However, thanks to the circles shapes blocking the harpoon, you can be safe from it, it won’t shoot and hit you.

Then, you will read a message saying “Nice, keep going!” with the rotating circle shapes followed after that, along with a rectangle shape on the top that will probably be a good help for you, it will stop you from going high enough to dodge the rotating circles.

After those impediments, you will face two gaps with a saw blade. They seem to rotate slowly. You will also see the text saying "(This part can be hard)" and another one saying "Good! You're almost there!". After reading them, you will see a “ramp” with a gap and ending line. The ramp will probably hang you down, and you will fall after touching it. While falling, there will be a text saying "OH NOOOOOOOOOO" indicating that you failed, along with a few glass panels followed. Finally, when you are descending to the bottom, a finish line will be the place for you to land on, and you will see a text saying "Hey guys! Thanks a LOT for playing, it really does mean a lot to me. This is my third level, so I hope you guys like it. Feel free to rate this what YOU think it deserves (;D), and don't forget to save any awesome replays! -Mean". If you think, you can get over the gap without any help of the ramp. You will get to the fake finish line on the top of the game and end the level. 

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