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I Save You Indy!

Posted by: total-jerkface, 2015-09-18, 08:19

I Save You Indy is a brand new featured level of the well-known Total Jerkface Happy Wheels. This bloody physics-based vehicle game offers various the vulnerable characters as well as tons of levels with discrepant difficulties and circumstances. As a new level, I save you Indy did make a strong impression on lots of players. Currently, the number of plays of this level has reached over 170,000, along with the rating of 2.78. What a magnificent number, right? Therefore, you should grab a chance and explore this awesome level now! I Save You Indy Gameplay Before enjoying this new level, you should take a closer look at its gameplay to understand more the situation that you are going to experience. After dropping from a helicopter to the ground, now you will officially start your awesome adventure. See a minecart that is about to take off? Just slide into it as fast as possible. The screen you see will turn into white gradually, and then the level name crops up on the screen. You will hear a loud drum beat and then the minecart will finally crash into some buffers, which releases you out of it and over a cliff. You will be put on land at the bottom nearby several unstable rocks that are about to fall and generate a big gap. Swinging across the gap to get to the other side and moving down a little decrease are the things that you can fulfill subsequently. When you reach the bottom, there is a Wheelchair Guy NPC, who crawls out from behind the rocks and move towards you gradually. If you get hit by him, you can’t make anything happen. He probably grovels off a cliff that you are supposed to swing across. After going through, you will make an effort to get to a giant water mill, along with an elf NPC that welds a felling axe. Try to move in one of the buckets and then you can reach the mill soon. Besides, after you drop out of a helicopter, it will fly over near the ground with a Pigostick Man NPX that hangs from a ladder and calling out “Grab on Indy!”. You should be aware of this location, there is a diminutive group of rocks that hide a gap and will fall anytime, which makes you fall in easily. After across, you must shout out “help” and cling on Pogostick Man, along with the helicopter that will get off the ground right after you do so. While in the air, the Pogostick man will utter his voice “Gotcha….Hold on long time”. But the helicopter will get hurdled by a big gust of wind and it will fly into the side of the mountain, you will conquer the level. The helicopter will finish on the side of a mountain showing a message like “Uh...that went well...”

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