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BladeRider II =A.I.=

Posted by: total-jerkface, 2015-11-06, 06:59

BladeRider II =A.I.= is the level created by sachamun. Currently, you can enjoy it for free on the website Total Jerkface Happy Wheels!


BladeRider II =A.I.= is very attracting with the playable character is the Irresponsible Dad. The main objective is to defeat some NPCs and push them into the wall or spike. They are armed with the weapons like knives. And they will not let you survive. But you have a wall that can prevent the spikes. Press a button to make spikes observable and attack these enemies. You will fight against the first opponent holding an axe. Then, you have another guy from Moped Couple. He can use two knives at the same time. The third one is the Lawnmower Man has the sword. Next, there is an elf using a dagger with two sharp prongs. The remaining level of BladeRider II =A.I.= can be found by your ability. 

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    gfd255 (10) - 2016-11-28, 11:37

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    djdunn (14) - 2016-10-01, 20:44
    happy weelsis a fun game you can die in it and you are the gratist yotber

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