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Backyard Wrestling

Posted by: total-jerkface, 2015-10-26, 06:27

Play Backyard Wrestling at Total Jerkface Happy Wheels and enjoy the bloody adventure!Released by Corey 1987, Backyard Wrestling quickly has gained 8,400,000 play counts and 33,000 votes. The playable character is the Wheelchair Guy. Press Z to launch the body into the air, over the roof and pass the billboard advertising "LOUIE SMOKE IT!" If you land low enough, you can see the Wheelchair guy on the rooftop. And if you are high enough, you can detect the Irresponsible Dad and Segwway guy. You can grab any of them or both and crash them into the ground later. But you will land on a glass panel and break it. This will make the brown boxer scared, and he tries to attack. Fortunately, its leash is tied to a pole. Try to avoid the lawnmower or you and the man will die! If you land in the landfill, you can find a hidden token that helps you complete the level in Backyard Wrestling.Now, play Backyard Wrestling and enjoy our news! 

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