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Posted by: total-jerkface, 2015-10-21, 03:14

AWESOME COURSE 7, the level featured by Fatality 14 is ready on Total Jerkface Happy Wheels. Today, we will play as the Irresponsible Dad!


The dad in AWESOME COURSE 7 looks happy with the smiling face. The first challenge is the ditch. You will be hard to see clearly. So, be careful! If you success, you must avoid the throwing faces. And the ground in here becomes the seesaw with the spikes. Next, you will move to the large mound and a hole. But the awesome face will destroy a part of it when you reach. Dodge it before it crushes everything or you will be destroyed. A message "Fast" is for you when you are going to pass the dropping small spikes. A face will appear and attack you. Hurry up! Jump over that face when it tries to push you into the deadly trap. With each challenge, you'd better control your speed and overcome all skillfully!

Above all, you need to be alive! Let’s play AWESOME COURSE 7 after this article and catch up the latest news! 

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