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Alice in WonderlandX

Posted by: total-jerkface, 2015-10-14, 03:11

Alice in WonderlandX is possible to play on Total Jerkface Happy Wheels! Currently, Alice in WonderlandX has over 4 million plays and 5,000 votes to gain 3.83. With this level, you can control any character you want. At the beginning, you will be launched by the catapult and flying through the trees, huge mushrooms. Play Happy Wheel you have the chance to see the teapots flying around and land on the big hand of the giant. He kicks you and you will hit a worm, the creature you control later. Don’t forget to avoid the “Bees”! Then, enter the Everdark Cave. There is something you will have to pass. Until you arrive at the bottom of the hill, you need to get out of the worm and explore another hole where the queen is waiting for you. Be careful! She is very strong. Try to defeat all challenges in Alice in WonderlandX and reach the finish line safely!Hopefully, our news will make you exciting! 

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