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Alaskan Fisherman

Posted by: total-jerkface, 2015-10-09, 02:55

Play Happy Wheels and explore Alaskan Fisherman the amazing level created by Wing and Strings!


After 20 July 2014, Alaskan Fisherman has gained 700,000 play counts. Wheelchair guy is the playable character. Over 1,300 votes, Alaskan Fisherman has the rating of 4.01. Here, you will control a fishing boat to catch crabs. Use the arrow keys to move and Spacebar to drop the net down and lock the joints. You can find crabs at four positions and have three levels in Alaskan Fisherman: the quiet harbor, the American side of the Bering Sea with the medium waves, and the Soviet side with the rough sea. These sides will have four sets of crabs. At Sean Connery, the boundary, you must complete the task in American side if you want to go into the other waters. Remember to watch out the warning buoys!


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