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Posted by: total-jerkface, 2015-09-18, 09:02

It’s time to enter an abandoned area in Happy Wheels! Abandoned is also the official name of the new level which was created by Kirbypwnage. At present, the total play count of this version reaches more than 2,500,000 plays with a good rating of 3.75. Stepping into this area, Segway Guy will be honorably to be your companion. Let’s say hi to him now!

 Abandoned Gameplay

 The game will begin when you find yourself get trapped in an abandoned restroom. Then there is a black devil showing its appearance and starting to move towards you. After stopping at the end of the light, Segway Guy will be released and get vanished whilst the headlight goes steady. Carry on your way and move forwards to the restroom, when that headlight switches on. You will leave the restroom and continue to move down the hallway, and you will see another hallway that you need to get over. Be careful, obstacle is coming! While moving down the hallway, there is a spider that is just like a devil drops down from the ceiling and starts coming after you. Now, you need to ride down the hall, traverse through the dead end, get to a grey hallway and take a leap out of the glass window.

 You will have two ways to reach the dead house. First of all, try to leap out of the window ledge and try to get into another building, from there, you will begin to go across some wires to reach two other buildings prior to descending via a wooden ramp, the move down to the entry of the dead house.
As for the second way, you will have to drop from the window ledge and move down into the sewer. You will see that there is a skeleton devil holding a sword and standing right behind the sewer. When you get into the sewer, you will be welcomed by a mud devil on the right that can clog up your path. Try to move to the left and enter another hallway where you will see a pink tongue third devil coming after you from the left. Try to run for your life to the right and jump onto the lift that can help you get to the entry of the dead house. Once stepping into the dead house, there is the shape of the little guy who hangs himself. Sounds creepy! You will have to find Wheelchair Guy who was absorbed by a beetle devil. Then, try to get into a scanning chamber and move to the right. There is message turning up and saying that the door is being locked and requires two key cards. Now, your mission is to search for the hidden cards by starting to move to the left and ride on the lifts through the dead house. After finding the cards, you have to traverse the door and move to the right in which you will leave the building, get over lots of trash cans, step into the secured building where the glory is activated, and there is a finish screen of the abandoned hallway turning up. 

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