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A large Satan eats u

Posted by: total-jerkface, 2015-09-18, 08:12

Are you excited for A large Satan Eats u which is created by Bubbucue? No need to wait for it anymore because this level of Happy Wheels game is released already! Now, let’s take this chance and begin your adventure! This new version has made an impressive debut and until now, it reaches more than 4,900,000 plays with a rating of 3.58. Will you let a big Satan absorb you? Just let him! You will have a new journey inside his stomach! There are so many characters in this version, so you can become anyone you want. GameplayWhen starting this version, there is a giant Satanic demon who will open the mouth and hurl you into it by using a fork. You will have to situations, one is being chewed, and one is stepping into the stomach safe and sound. When you are in the stomach, you will see a bone trapped inside the throat of the devil. However, it is very easy to destroy. Once entering the stomach, there are so many items surrounding you, like a horse, spring platforms, or the boosts to help you reach the body part easily. Moving on, you are more likely to get hit by the two spinning gears, and drop into a boost. Subsequently, you will be pulled out of the posterior and hurled into the “toilet”. TriviaIf you don’t get hurled into the mouth of Satan and drop down his chin, a light green block located at the bottom will be your hitting place. 

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