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Posted by: total-jerkface, 2015-09-18, 08:56

Welcome to Happy Wheels!

  Are you ready to check out new featured level created by Kreftus? 3D OBST. COURSE is one of the coolest versions that you should try! There are over 1, 400,00 plays with a rating of 4.59 for this version. Those numbers were quite impressive, right? Why don’t you take a chance and join it now? Irresponsible Dad is waiting to meet you!

  3D OBST. COURSE Gameplay

 You will begin your adventure on a red block, and then you will witness the words dropping down and landing nearby you and begin to tremble in the area, they are "Welcome to 3D Obstacle Course". Don’t go back, or else you will fall off the map. Try to move ahead, you will have to traverse various yellow blocks that are just like a rope, and they get back to the first place after you go off them. Then, you will see another text dropping down saying "Be EXTREMELY careful here!". There is a breakable piece of glass cropping up in front of you; the piece will get broken easily if you are not careful. You will drip down into a ditch of you break through it. As a result, you have to restart.

  There is a sign turning up with a spear and an exclamation point. Make an effort to avoid two harpoons located in between the blanks in the blocks while going down. Then you will traverse another rope just like the first one you experienced in the beginning. Moving on, you will travel through a loop, don’t go fast, or else you will drop down, then start moving down diagonally. Then, the ground will finish, and you drop down, and land on another platform sooner.

  Subsequently, take some steps to move down some blocks and go across another rope. There are two boosts that you probably need for pushing you up two blocks to reach a button after pressing it. Then you need to make a return to the place in which there is a new path turning up. When moving down, be aware of the dangerous spikes above you, then start moving forward and you will see a location filled with homing mines, along with two walls. Your next mission is to move through the walls fast and try not to get detonated by the homing mines. After you getting through them, you will be brought up by a red elevator. Move forward and you will move down soon. Then, you will see a blue block that might prevent you from flying and moving quickly. After getting to the bottom, you will check out a custom finish line that you might go on it. The glory will be activated, and then the Kreftus mouse will turn up on the right.

Secret Accomplishment

 Check out the boosts that are located near the red button, you will need to use them if you want to get higher, and then you can utilize he left and the right technique to move higher. You will conquer the level if you get to the top in which there are two more blocks located to the right of the wall. 

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