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1. Starving Hobo

Posted by: total-jerkface, 2015-09-18, 08:49

Great news for fans of Happy Wheels! It’s time to discover brand new version named Starving Hobo which is created by GHAIS. The version offers new challenges and missions for all of the players to explore. The number of plays currently reaches over 1,500,00 with a good rating of 4.49. Joining this level, you will meet a cute Wheelchair Guy who is a forced character.

  Starving Hobo Gameplay

 Your game will begin in a tan screen showing you the controls and the trophies to earn. You will use arrow keys for the movement, space or use key shift for jumping, and hold spacebar to begin. After holding it, the level will appear.

  You will take control of a Wheelchair guy that can play moving animation whenever you go right or left. Now, you are in an alley with lots of stuff surrounding you, such as two crates behind you, a trash can in the center, or a large dumpster on the left of you. You will see a Lawnmower Man sprite in front of you while holding a meat chunk on a crate with the text "POOP". Don’t try to move through him to grab the meat chunk, you will get hit and lose your health if you do that. Stepping on the above of burning trash can also make you lose health as well.

  The only way to way to make Lawnmower Man lose consciousness is to climb the ladder, get the crate on the top of the building and drop it on his head. Then, it’s very easy for you to reach the meat chunk, but you can’t move down the ladder, so jumping off the roof is all you can do. Try to gather three coins to grow your score. Eventually, when you get the meat chunk, all your score, coins, advertisements for GHAIS’ Facebook and Twitter or the trophy you achieved will be exhibited via the last screen. The wheelchair is racing and keeping the meat chunk on his head; Lawnmower Man will come after him until they leave the screen.
 But if you get doomed by the fire or when facing the punch of Lawnmower Man, the final screen will appear with the text saying “you suck”, and of course there will be no trophies for you, then you will be lying on the ground. Lawnmower is appearing above you while holding the meat chunk in his hand.  

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