Getaway Shootout

Getaway Shootout

Date added: 2020-04-14
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How To Play:

Player 1: jump left using W, jump right using E, and collect a power-up using R.
Player 2: jump left using I, jump right using O, and collect a power-up using P.


Getaway Shootout free online is an action-packed game of shooting. You are here for epic gunfight against real opponents or a computer. This is a chance for you to let them know how pro you are when playing shooting games. Only the most cunning and the best shooter can win. You have to be that one if you want the ultimate victory.

 Select a game mode to play before entering the arena! You can choose to play solo or against real enemies. Also, feel free to customize your character with a good-looking appearance. You make your way through a big map trying to pick up power-ups with various weapons to make yourself stronger. Once you have equipped yourself with them, you can use them to deal damage to your enemies while avoiding their shots. Outplay them with your smart strategies as well, and stop them from killing you using their tricks. You aim to become an excellent shooter with the most number of kills and the highest score in Getaway Shootout unblocked. Are you ready for it? Come play it now! Much fun!

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