Divene Intervention

Divene Intervention

Date added: 2015-07-02
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How To Play:

Use the keys WASD for the movement
Use the mouse to aim and shoot
Press key numbers from 1 to 3 for toggling the weapon.


Be ready for the upcoming tough challenge in Divine Intervention unblocked! This Action game will take you to the mad world in which fighting is the only thing you are supposed to do to survive and restore freedom. Like other action games, all the attendants once joining are required to perform the outstanding capabilities, and the Divine Intervention is not an exceptional case.
The game puts you in the shoes of the priest whose mission is to take out all the mad people who were gone insane and turned into the so-called “soulless corpse”, exactly zombies. As a priest, you have no choice but standing up, holding a strong gun and heading out for this bloody mess. Only you can save the day! Make sure you have to move fast, aim and shoot all the enemies down since the zombies are kind of strong. Don’t let them come close to you, or else you will get doomed for sure. Roam the city with your weapon, (those weapons can be toggled) and send the walking dead back to hell! Okay, are you ready for the fight? Check it out at Total Jerkface Games! Good luck!

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